Anti- Anti War Cindy Sheehan Protest in Crawford

An 8 Mile Run by A Vietnam Vet MACVSOG Trooper

From: Robert Noe
     Crawford AAR
Sent: 29 August
"All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to be silent." Ecclesiastes 10:1-3
Arrived there about 9:30 PM Friday. The town is small and sits among an intersection of two country highways and only one stop light in town. The town radiates about a half a mile each direction from the stop light, with the exception of the West axis being about a mile (a 5 mile run from the middle of town, running to the city limit signs in each direction and back). Arriving from the South on the main highway, we found next to a Pro Bush store that sells all sorts of Bush items a vacant lot covered with a tent. We pulled in and found it to be the Pro Bush, Pro Troop camp called "CAMP QUAILS."  At that time, we (Kathy and I) found about 10 people meandering around in the tent which housed several booths. In the very back, I saw four people, one guys was talking, I listened and found that his son had been killed in Iraq, he was telling his story and how he supports the War on Terror, Iraq, Afghan, and Bush. I learned he was Gregg Garvey of Florida, he had decided to come to Crawford about two weeks earlier and from all the television exposure on the Anti war/Cindy Crawford efforts, there must have been a thousand of them in town. He called the Mayor of Crawford, explained what his intent was, he said the mayor invited him and when he got there he found only a handful of protesters, someone permitted him to use part of the tent lot to set up a booth. We learned the "Evil" folks (Cindy, et al. were located around the corner on the East side of town about a block away from the main intersection in a house called the "Peace House."
A little time later, there were about six or seven people left in the tent, two were members of a TV crew out of Austin. They asked four of us to act like we were looking at material at one of the booths as they started a live telecast explaining the upcoming event planned to take place the following day.  After this, a police officer arrived and said Cindy Sheehan had called and made a report that we were harassing her. The TV camera guy told the officer that he had been there for about an hour and a half and no one had seen Cindy so we could not have been harassing her. The officer thanked him and left.

The following morning, Kathy and I slept late, getting to CAMP QUALLS event around 9:30 am. There were lots of people around the tent, I'd say 200 with another 100 on the West side of the intersection on both the South and north side with various signs protesting the protesters. The signs read "Cindy, you're a Traitor" "Your Killing Our Troops," "Your actions are Treasonous," etc. Many of the people were mother and fathers of those that had fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan.  At this time, I had on my Special Forces Baseball cap with all my medals, pins, tabs, etc., and put on a T-shirt Kathy had purchased the night before. The front of the shirt has a portion of the US Flag in the background superimposed on it was the head of a Bald Eagle with the words inscribed above "WELCOME HOME" and below "HEROES."  I added the following words to the T-shirt in large black marker in the upper right:
       -PRES. BUSH
       -THE TROOPS"
In the upper left:

On the reverse in large black letters, I inscribed:
       F__K YOU!
             WE WIN    
                   YOU LOSE,

 At 11 AM, the heat was getting up near the 100 mark, I took off on my run, first running east, which would take me in front of the Evil people, I was to be on the highway on the opposite side to prevent any problems, explained by the police. As I passed them, there were about 20 people out front with signs, most females with about 4 or 5 guys, several of them started shouting and waving, encouraging me on as though they thought I was with them. I shouted back "Fuck you, I'm not with you!" and ran on. As soon as I passed them, I was in front of a house with about 15 people in front of it and it was right next to the Peace House and they had a lots of signs and US Flags, the signs were very negative to the anti war Peace House calling them traitors, etc., and arrows pointing to the Peace House. It was obvious they were Pro Troops/Pro Bush (never was this house ever shown in any news broadcast or news article). As I passed it, several of them shouted to me as they observed me running pass and heard what I had shouted to the Cindy Sheehan Anti War group. I stopped and went over, they started patting me on the back and gave me a large US Flag to carry on my run. On the return, heading west, I again passed in front of the Anti War shit heads, for some reason there must have been a new group because they started shouting again, encouraging me on and waving, this time I told them I was not with them and turned my back for them to read my T-shirt, as I was moving away, one of the females yelled "We're Americans Too." I turned and shouted back, "You're not Americans, you're commie bastards," and ran on. Once back to the intersection and the remainder of the run, I got waves, shouts, thumbs-up, horns honking and more waves as the flag flew in the breeze. One car, loaded to capacity with people crossed over the center line, slowed and handed me a big yellow ribbon to carry in addition to the flag.
After the run, there were speeches being delivered by those who had lost loved one in past conflicts and the current war, all expressing their anger at Cindy, et al.  I was called to give a speech, I was all sweaty and the letters on the T-shirt had ran, given the appearance of it being professionally made in a faded fashion and it was soaking wet. Not sure of all I said, I do recall saying I wished they had been around during Vietnam, thanked them for all coming to support our troops and that we would never allow the Anti War crowd to rob us of victory again. 
A little while later, I ran into Jim Savell who had served with CCS during the 70 time frame, we chatted and hung around the rest of the afternoon.  We attended a rally, Pro Bush/Pro Troops, when we arrived, there must have been well over a thousand folks there. A number of speeches were made against the Anti War group, testimonials from parents of lost souls from the current conflict. A challenge had gone out to Cindy Sheehan, Camp Casey (antiwar nuts) and the Peace House to debate the charges they had made, also a challenge to debate with Al Sharpton who arrived to support the Cindy Sheehan anti American anti war group.  None showed for the debates from the other side. Ben Lyons of CCS arrived with two other guys from Dallas, they stayed a little while, left to go to the CAMP CASEY (anti war group located near Bush's ranch) and check things out. This was the last time we saw them. Also, Logan Fitch arrived, he stayed for about 45 minutes and said he had to get back to Houston. Some Antiwar nut had a huge sign opposing the war/Bush in the middle of this rally, no one bothered him until he started harassing one of the speakers, you saw this big sign falling, people stomping the sigh, the crowd closed in, police and all the news media started running toward the incident. The news media was waiting on something like this, like vultures ready to pounce to portray the negative of the Pro group. I don't know if the protester got his ass beat, but I am sure someone punched him a few times, I just have that feeling (smile).
Kathy, Jim, and I headed out for the CAMP CASEY location. Along the way, we saw all sorts of Pro Bush signs posted along the roads, in front of homes and a whole series of about 100 signs along one fence about every 5 feet apart.  When we arrived, the CAMP CASEY (shitheads) were on a road leading off the highway, there could not have been more than 50 of them holding signs that demanded we pulled out of Iraq, called Bush a Liar, Nothing good ever came of war, etc., I was shocked there were so few of them, Jim and others said that was the most that had been there through the period. On the right side of the road, there was a ditch of about 6 -8 feet wide, a culvert actually, where the Pro Bush people were forced.  I'd say there were about 100-150 Pro folks there, due to the limited area, it was basically maxed out, thus there was about a 3:1 ratio Pro Vs Anti. We drove past and parked on the right as we were Pro, an old converted bus painted blue with a red strip with the letters "Veterans for Peace" was parked next to us.  We exited and walked to the Pro people, Jim and I crossed the road next to the Anti group, Jim spoke to one of the police officers. The must have been 15-20 officers on the Anti group side, all standing facing the Pro group people with their backs to the Anti group, it was apparent they were "protecting" the Cindy Sheehan group.
A little while later, I walked up to the our vehicle, took out the flag and ran a 1/2 mile distance on the highway, between the two groups, carrying the flag. As in the earlier incident, the Anti War people started shouting encouragement, thinking I was on their side or just stupid? They didn't read what my T-Shirt said....I shouted back to them, telling them to shove it, gave them the middle finger as I continued past carrying that beautiful flag with a big old grin on my face. On the return trip, I ran on the side next to the Pro group and was positively reinforced as I gave them the Thumbs up, people reached out and touched me, stopping me to sign the T-shirt. Traffic driving up and down the road were blowing their horns, waving, some sticking their heads out of their vehicle yelling positive things at me in support. When I reached the "Veterans for Peace" bus, there was about 6-8 guys on it, I shouted to them saying "Hey, You Guys," they came to the windows, waving and smiling at which point, I yelled "Fuck you, you sorry mother fuckers!" and made a return run down and back, the looks on their face was worth it all.
I took a break, Jim and I mingled with the pro group, people were signing my T-shirt. At one point, we were standing on this gravel drive when a pissie ant sheriff sergeant came up and said in a shitty voice to Jim, "Your standing on my gravel, get in the ditch!" (Ever wonder why people react in the negative to a police officer? This explains it).  When it was time to leave, I said I was going to make another run in the heat, took the flag and flipped off the Anti War group and gave a big thumbs up sign to the Pro group (Yes, I know I was being antagonistic, duh, that was my aim). One of the Anti War guys shouted that he was a Veteran, and I yelled back, "Yea, just like the Wannabes of Vietnam, Hun?" I looked at him and he put his head down. Once again, I made sure I passed the bus and one of them said something and I told them to all get out of the bus and I'd kick their ass, a police officer shook his finger at me, sliced his throat with it shaking his head. I got the gist of his message and discontinued the provocative action, but the guys in the bus was a bit miffed as I continued on smiling. 
This concluded the Crawford experience. Jim and his gracious wife invited us to stay with them for the night, we accepted and had a good time visiting. His wife cooked a great meal. I learned his oldest son was Airborne and was preparing to make his 8th jump when a tragic accident occurred that burned him over most of his body and took off one leg below the knee. What skin he did have was removed to treat the burns. He was kept in a coma state because of the pain issue, the doctors stated he would not be able to survive the pain if conscious. He did survive and it's now been a number of years. Jim's youngest son is now in the military and they are suffering from the anxiety of the possibility of loss or injury, but trust in God. What a great family Jim has, he is caring for two grandsons.
During the evening, we learned the hurricane was headed directly toward the house so we decided our best course was to come home to make sure everything was secured the following morning (this morning).
The following morning, the Waco paper had a number of pictures of Cindy Sheehan and the Anti War group, but none of the Pro group. One picture showed Cindy and another woman hugging like they were comforting Cindy in her loss, (clearly a staged photo).  Fox news, Ted Nugent wife, I think her name is Susan Nugent, stated there was a 2:1 ratio when in reality it was more like 50:1 (If she made the estimate based on those in opposition at location near Bush's ranch, she would have been close, but then again, only a limited number of Bush/Troop supporters could occupy the limited space provided), she failed to state how many supporters were in town. As the day pass, there must have been 5,000 Pro Bush/Pro Troops people in town opposed to less than a 100 of the assholes. We learned or was told Cindy was getting $150.00 a day from, I think it was Moveon.Org(?) for her participation. The other antiwar people reminded me of the old professional cryers for funerals, all paid for their services.  It was all phony to the max, all a media driven event.

Robert -  Your SITREP regarding Crawford is much like others I've heard from USA guys.  I was told that SFA members
who were at Crawford early in the Sheehan "Shithead" show up, were ignored by the media but the called in a reporter ( national ) to interview them but found she was so intimidated by the SF guys she couldn't ask legitimate questions ... so they " dismissed her "...!!!




Good to hear from you.  Glad you got to visit with Jim and Connie, they are great people.  Ben came in yesterday and gave us a good report on the happenings at Crawford, said the same thing you did.  What can you expect from the liberal media?

I am totally against what Mrs Sheehan and her folks are doing down there,  She is a grieving mother who has lost a son and my heart goes out to her for that.  I do realize however that she is also crossing the line now and that she does have a personal agenda, which makes it even worse..  I personally feel though, that she doesn't warrant the title "miserable creature".  However, that's my opinion only.  She is liberal for sure and anti-war and for sure anti-Bush,  that is her right. 

I hope the whole crowd, of leftists and liberals, that is, go away, and I do believe they will once the President leaves Crawford.  I can't see any type of major anti-war taking hold now, especially not one like the Vietnam era nitwits.



Here is a excellent letter written by a father whose daughter is going to Iraq.  It is in response to Cindy Sheehan's protest in Crawford, TX.
Regards, Walt

An Open Letter to Cindy Sheehan, From the Proud Father of a U.S. Marine
By Brantley Smith
Posted On August 17, 2005

Ms. Sheehan,

By your actions over the past two weeks, it is clear that you missed an important aspect of Civics 101: With rights come responsibilities.  You certainly have the right to voice your opinion against the war in
Iraq and the President's policies. You even have the right to camp outside the President's home in Crawford and demand he meet with you.  Your status, as a mother who has lost a child in the war, also gives your words and actions a credibility and a larger audience than otherwise would be the case.
Now that your supporters have given you a broad forum from which to be heard, making you a national figure, it's time you considered your responsibilities to all of us.  I have a daughter set to deploy to Fallujah in two weeks and I have a serious concern with how your irresponsible and short-sighted actions might impact on her.  She is, after all, a volunteer, like your son, and she is going in harm's way because she believes it is her responsibility to protect your rights and freedoms.

Well-meaning people like you always seem to forget the law of unintended consequences.  In your vanity and arrogant self-righteousness, you never bother to think through what it is you are trying to do, versus what you may actually accomplish.  I am here to inform you, Ma'am, that you will not change the policy of our government by sitting outside Crawford making a spectacle of yourself in the name of your rights to free speech.  What you will do is provide more propaganda for our enemies and cost the lives of even more brave and selfless American warriors.

How long do you think it will be before you become a star on Al Jazeera?  For all I know, it may have already happened.  One thing is certain, though, and that is that your actions and words will further embolden a ruthless and evil enemy and more American blood will be shed...and some of it will be on your hands.  I pray that my daughter will not be one of them.  If she is, then I will hold you and those like you partly responsible.  Yes, my daughter's fate will depend mostly on her own courageous decision to serve, but only the most naive among us can deny the impact our own words and actions here in America have in a world grown smaller by the revolution in communications technology.

I am sure you believe that you are serving some great cause by putting our servicemen and women in more danger and that you can, by your irresponsible exercise of free speech, help end a policy you disagree with.  Your emotion may be compelling but the reality is that you will not set in motion any process that will change or undo what has been done.  The war will go on because to end it now would dishonor the sacrifices of all of our fellow countrymen who have died in the cause of fighting terrorism.
Rational Americans will not allow that.  Too much is at stake.  Unfortunately, shallow and irrational ones, such as yourself, will continue to put the lives of our sons and daughters in danger by aiding and abetting an enemy who sees propagandizing in the mass media as its main weapon.  In a war it could otherwise not win by standing on its own wretched and evil justification of radical Islam, or by force of arms, you have given them reason to continue.
You, Ma'am, have joined forces with an evil you neither understand nor apparently have tried to comprehend.  You direct your anger toward our country while the enemy plots to kill and maim the innocent.  You make a mockery of responsible free speech while thousands of young men and women fight desperately to preserve your safety.  Instead of honoring your son's sacrifice, you are inspired to comfort an evil enemy.

You clearly do not understand the challenge we face as a nation and have not tried to put it in historical perspective.  It is a sad fact that it is those of your thinking who have led us to where we are today.

Decades of appeasement to these haters of everything we hold dear has cost thousands of American lives from
Beirut to New York and in dozens of other forgotten places.
Remember Lockerbie? The Achille Lauro? The U.S.S. Cole?  We, as a people, were dragged into this war, much like
December 7th, 1941, and we must fight it and win it wherever the enemy hides and against whomever would support him.
Make no mistake about
Iraq... It is both a legitimate and crucial campaign in this much larger, global war of radical Islam's making.  These people hate us for who we are, not what we have done.  We did not bring this on ourselves, as many would have us believe, by our policies and actions abroad.  We brought this on ourselves in 1775 when the Founding Fathers embarked on a course of freedom, tolerance, and liberal democratic and social ideals.
These haters of all we hold dear, strive to destroy forever a government "of the people, by the people, and for the people" that Abraham Lincoln hoped would never "Perish from the earth".  They would replace it with an oppressive world theocracy unlike anything modern history has ever seen for its ruthless disregard for personal freedom and liberty.  If more appeasement is your answer for an alternative policy, spare us for we have suffered enough from cowardice and inaction.

An historical analogy screams to be let out here.  It is one of two men, both named Chamberlain...Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, a school teacher turned soldier in the American Civil War, found himself in the cross hairs of history on a warm July day in 1863 on a small hill in Pennsylvania. Commanding the 20th
Maine Regiment on the extreme Union left at Gettysburg, he was in a most perilous position.  Should he fail to hold against a strong Confederate attack, the Union could be lost.  You see, he was serving in an increasingly unpopular war at home against a resurgent enemy, and for a President fighting for his political life.

Colonel Chamberlain, stoic but determined, refused to yield.  His small regiment held against an onslaught of Confederate attacks, an action many historians believe turned the tide of the war.  He was later awarded the Medal of Honor.
The other half of this analogy focuses on Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister of
Great Britain in the years preceding World War II.  His story is widely known. Through his policy of appeasement and a lack of moral courage, he handed Adolf Hitler much of Europe.
Which side of history have you chosen, Ma'am?

Your son died in the service of freedom and my daughter will go in harm's way to protect and preserve it.  Honor their sacrifice, Ma'am, by exercising it responsibly.

I will pray with you and I will grieve with you but I will not stand by silent while you needlessly and arrogantly endanger the life of my daughter and her comrades in arms.  Please bless us with your silence and go home.

Brantley Smith
Proud father of a
United States Marine
Tullahoma, TN