wpe1.jpg (76331 bytes)SECRET GREEN BERET COMMANDOS IN CAMBODIA By LTC Fred S. Lindsey, USA (Ret)  {Order Book from LTC Lindsey with personal inscription at ; or from Amazon or Barnes and Noble."}

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Reflections of a Warrior by 

Medal of Honor Recipient CSM Franklin D. Miller, MACV-SOG

Project Omega: Eye of the Beast by MACV-SOG veteran James Acre

THE DYING PLACE by MACV-SOG veteran David A Maurer




WE FEW by Nick Brokhausen. Release Date: November 1, 2005 Published by Real War Stories


ACROSS THE FENCE by John Stryker "Tilt" Meyer

SOG Review of "15 Months in SOG"

Who's Steve Sherman

A great resource for verifying claims of MACVSOG assigment.

A listing of 6,700 personnel assigned to MACV-SOG and the Special Forces Command & Control Detachments. The list not only includes about 4,000 Special Forces personnel, but also civilians and other Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps personnel. Also included are First Flight Detachment personnel, TDY Snakebite, MI, Marine Force recon and SSG/SSA personnel. Other SOG aviation assets (attached to OP-75) and Navy Seals TAD to (OP-37) are briefly covered.

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SOG, A Photo History of the Secret War by John L. Plaster

This is the companion photo history to SOG: The Secret Wars of America’s Commandos in Vietnam. More than 700 photos bring to life the stories of SOG heroes. See extremely rare photos of SOG recon teams in action behind enemy lines in Cambodia, Laos and even North Vietnam. 8.5 x 11, hardcover, photos, illus., 496 pages.

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SOG: The Secret Wars of America's Commandos in Vietnam by John L. Plaster

Review 1

Review 2

Major John L. Plaster, a three-tour veteran of Vietnam tells the story of the most highly classified U.S. covert operatives to serve in the war: The Studies and Observations Group, code-named SOG. Comprised of volunteers from America's most elite military units, SOG agents answered directly to the Pentagon's Joint Chiefs, with some missions requiring approval from the White House. Now for the first time, the dangerous assignments of this top-secret unit can be revealed.

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Secret Commandos Behind Enemy Lines with the Elite Warriors of SOG by John L. Plaster

Tells the astonishing story of the SOG warriors that were  a secret operations force in Vietnam, the forerunner of today's Delta Force and SEALs. Highly skilled Green Berets, they were the bravest of the brave, the most highly decorated unit in the war... Operating in the most dangerous conditions imaginable-always outnumbered, often by as much as 100 to 1-.. They suffered an extraordinarily high casualty rate. Ten entire teams disappeared and another fourteen were overrun and annihilated...  He takes readers from his grueling training for SOG to his heart-stopping first assignments to his experiences as a SOG veteran and team leader.

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WTF is a first person account of the six months I spent a FOB-1, Phu Bai, before it closed in January 1969. It's a 172 pages in 8.5" X 11" format full of how and why we ran recon across the fence. In addition to being a story told through my eyes and heart it acknowledges the example our senior officers set with their ethics, honor, and humanity for the benefit of others than themselves, sometimes at great sacrifice to their careers. Men such as Bill (Blaster) Shelton, Roy (Silver Pencil) Bahr, and Frank(Ops) Jakes; all true Special Forces leaders.
The main focus is on that group of men who fearlessly faced a much superior enemy force every time they went to work, who got to wear cool clothes, shoot guns, and drink beer while playing liars dice; John (Tilt) Meyer, Doug (Frenchman) Le Tourneau, and Khan (Coyboy) Van Doan; Patrick (Mandolin) Watkins and Bob (Spider) Parks for always being there when we need them most; and all the other special operatives who contributed to our success.
Anyone who wants to buy a copy, the price is $25.00, which includes shipping and handling. Mail a check to:

Lynne Black
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 SOG: Team History and Insignia of a Clandestine Army, Volume 2 is complete. We will be ready to ship in June 2010. The quantities are limited so order your copy today. The dust jacketed, hard cover book is 345 pages of color and black and white photographs that breaks down RT Florida (CCN), RT Copperhead (CCN), RT Maryland (CCC), RT New York (CCC), and RT West Virginia (CCC) in a chronological pictorial order. The price of the book is $100.00. If you order by May 15, 2010 you will receive free priority mail shipping (US customers only). Orders received after May 15, 2010 please add $11.00 shipping cost per book. The shipping cost for foreign orders is $38.00. Some shipping charges can be combined on multiple orders. If you have ordered a limited addition of Volume 1, and wish to keep the numbered series, please let me know and I will reserve that publication for you. I accept personal checks or money orders to the address listed below. Pay-Pal please add an additional $7.00 handling fee. The Pay-Pal address is

 Jason Hardy. PO Box 634. Spencer, NC. 28159

SOG: Team History and Insignia of a Clandestine Army is a revealing, comprehensive study in images and words provided by the men who were there. Team member history, original insignia, and many never before published color photographs help lift the veil of secrecy from this elite unit of the Vietnam War. With 300+ pages and over 900 images, there has never been a SOG reconnaissance team reference as complete as this that details the teams Asp, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Indigo, Montana, and Rattler. By pre-ordering your copy, you will receive a numbered, Limited Edition of 250 signed by the authors (Jason Hardy & Michael Tucker).

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Price is $85.00 plus $8.00 postage for SOG veterans by credit card, personal check or US Postal Money Order. Please send to: .

Jason Hardy P.O. Box 634 Spencer, NC 28159 (704)·645·8217

"A must have for SOG recon team members!"- Jim Hetrick- President of the Special Operations Association.


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MAC V SOG: Team History of a Clandestine Army

Volume 2


Just released: MAC V SOG: Team History of a Clandestine Army, Volume 2. This is the second book in my new series and continues with the same layout and design. The books are more in-depth than other publications I have written. The hardcover book is 400 pages with over 1000 photographs and images on heavy archival paper with a dust jacket. This is a very limited printing of 500 copies and are all signed and numbered.


The publication breaks down the MAC V SOG (Military Assistance Command Vietnam, Studies and Observations Group) Reconnaissance Teams from creation to stand down and covers: Recon Teams; Krait (CCN), New Mexico (CCC), Ohio (CCC), and Washington (CCC). The men who served on these teams have cooperated with first hand interviews, provided never seen before period pictures and the history of the team: stating who they served with, reconnaissance missions ran, tactics that were implemented and the design of the team’s insignia.


The book is also enhanced with the help of the team members and collectors that supplied wartime artifacts that were worn or used by the veterans. Items only previously read about were professionally photographed and are now shown in full color.


I have just completed MAC V SOG: Team History of a Clandestine Army, Volume 3 that is now at the printers and is due to be released in October 2012.


The books are $150.00 plus $14.00 postage for a total of $164.00. I accept checks, Pay Pal, money orders, ect.


Jason M. Hardy

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FOUR VOLUME SET by Harve Saal (Out of Print-Very Hard to find)

Vol 1: Historical Evolution

Vol 2: Locations

Vol 3: Appendixes

Vol 4: Legends

THE LAST SECRET OF THE VIETNAM WAR by Charles F. Reske Two Volumes:
Originally classified: TOP SECRET LIMDIS NOFORN


Published by: Alpha Publications, P.O. Box 308, Sharon Center, Ohio 44274-0308

Library of Congess Catalog Card #90-83991

CD MACV Studies and Observation Group Documentation Study and Command History (Admin, Intel, Opns, Logistics, Plans, Commo, Finance, Organization, History, and Command Relationships) by Steve Sherman

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RUNNING RECON by Frank Greco. This is a combination military memoir and combat photography book.

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MEDAL OF HONOR by Roy Benavidez. A half Yaqui Indian, half Mexican orphan, winner of the Medal of Honor. His story that needs to be told!

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Book Review Tiger Force, A True Story of Men and War,  "That treachery spills from the pages of this false witness of a book and tarnishes us all with a taint that will forever follow us . . . to our graves." by Ray Calafell, US Army Special Forces and author.
SOG Team History and Insignia of a Clandestine Army   Not since the OSS of World War Two had the United States Organized an unavowed operation the size of SOG - the US Army's Studies and Observation Group. By running cross-border oprations intoi Laos and Cambodia, the men of SOG provided the intelligence necessary for America's war against Communist insurgency in Southeast Asia. As with any covert operation, the history and insignia representing these reconnaissance teams has always remained as mysterious as the men themselves. Until now. SOG: Team History and Insignia of a Clandestine Army is a revealing, comprehensive study in images and words provided by the men who were there. Team member history, original insignia, and many never before published color photographs help lift the veil of secrecy from this elite unit of the Vietnam War. By Jason Hardy & Michael Tucker, published by MilSpec Publishing, ISBN 0-9658546-2-0.  Jason Hardy P.O. Box 634 Spencer, NC 28159 (704)·645·8217

An exciting book--but fictional. 

It is one of the few books I quit reading and threw in the garbage, you might recall what a pack-rat of books that I am.-
  It seems to me that Five Fingers was a creation of a wannabe author claiming SF service.

The 5 Fingers" that was full of all sorts of fantasy stuff.

"The Five Fingers" (Gayle Rivers) was a popular fictional strike job about a multinational mission into PRC during the RVN war. The book had more errors than a democrat news conference, and truly sucked. It is possible that this guy is a poser who read the book...

ON THE GROUND: The Secret War in Vietnam
By John S. "Tilt" Meyer, with John Peters

Ok folks, John "Tilt" Stryker Meyers has just finished his second book and it is now available for order. Let's support him by ordering and forwarding this to those on your mailing list. His first book was Across The Fence.

The secret war: Vet pens second book on covert campaigns in Laos, Cambodia, North Vietnam

As the Vietnam War becomes a distant memory for many Americans, at least one local veteran is doing his part to tell people about another war they may have never even known.

J. Stryker Meyer, an Oceanside resident and North County Times columnist, is a former Green Beret who served two tours of duty with Special Forces, which fought covert operations in Laos, Cambodia and North Vietnam during the years of the Vietnam War.

Limited First Edition of 2500 copies
Contains 30 rare photos from SOG   
Only $24.95, Hardcover    
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 Google Leatherneck Pub., it'll pop up, or folks can call: 760-967-9575.
Neil Levin is the Prez/CEO.
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Stories from Vietnam and Over the Fence

by Joe Parnar and Robert Dumont In the years since the Vietnam War, the elite unit known as SOG has spawned many myths, legends and war stories. But few of these stories are told with the perspective and detailed recall of Special Forces medic Joe Parnar.

Parnar served with SOG during 1968 in FOB2/CCC near the tri-border area that gave them access to the forbidden areas of Laos and Cambodia. During his tour with SOG he served as dispensary medic, chase medic, Hatchet Force medic and as a recon team member. This variety of roles gave him experience not only in combat but in dealing with and treating the civilians and indigenous peoples of that area.

His candid stories capture the extraordinary commitment made by all the men of SOG and reveal the special dedication of the tireless medics, who put their own lives at risk to save the lives of their teammates. 8 1/2 x 11, softcover, photos, illus., 164 pp.

Joe Parnar served in the U.S. Army Special Forces from August 1966 to April 1969.

Price: $29.00 SOG.M2

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The image on the cover is of Warren (Ed) E. Fisler aka "Fast Eddie"

ORDER FROM AMAZON.COM  Price $29.95 (Hardcover) It is evident that author Gene Basilici did some deeper than the normal research on Special Forces Operations and tactics for his engrossing war novel " Hunting With Tigers". His story starts off like a burst of an AK-47 and kicks your adrenalin into high gear. The characters in his book act like real men faced with the lethal encounters. The action is so fast paced that it will leave the reader breathless!

This is the kind of book that gets made into one of those summer blockbuster action movies-- it is that good! It is not the typical Vietnam War story and has elements that are both original and entertaining. It is a powerful and moving story of three soldiers who volunteer for Detachment B-57, Project Gamma, a CIA operation that is still secret. The story is fictional but it feels like parts of it were taken right from the real life experiences of some of those men who served in this unit; at least the author gives you that insider feel to the storyline.

This is a high-energy, high-octane, combat thriller that you will not be able to put down until you have read the last word on the last page! This is a must read book! I give this book my personal recommendation. It is definitely a FIVE STAR rated book. By W.H.McDonald Jr. The American Author Assoc.

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Publication Date 9-30-08! No Guts, No Glory: My Life as a Brawler, Soldier, Mercenary, Bounty Hunter, Bouncer, Bodyguard, Businessman and All-Around Nice Guy

Item# BB237


by L Jim Bolen, CCS    67, 68, 69 rtauger

Book Description

Softcover • 184 pages • 7 x 10 • Publication date: September 30, 2008

"People used to tell me when I was 16 years old that I would never live to be 18, then when I made it to 18 they told me I would never live to see my 21st birthday. Then it was my 25th, then 30th, and so on." —excerpted from the opening

Jim Bolen is a true American badass. He's led a life so on-the-edge dangerous that the details of it will make you insist—as everyone else has—that he shouldn't have made it through. No Guts, No Glory is the hard-knuckle first-hand account of a man whose fierce dedication to justice and fearless sense of adventure have taken him from the streets of Dayton, Ohio to the jungles of Cambodia; from leading enemy POW "snatches" in the military's top-secret Special Operations Group to being Hustler Magazine founder Larry Flynt's personal bodyguard; from squaring off nightly in a long string of "Road House"-style bar fights to becoming a South African bounty hunter, getting paid per head for each terrorist he captured or killed.

And that's only scratching the surface.

There is plenty more action as well, including an international gun-running scheme that ends badly, and business adventures that eventually make him a millionaire. Plus all the blood, guts, motorcycles, women and jail time that come with the territory.
It's all there, and well-detailed in Bolen's straight-forward and unadulterated prose—which is further brought to life with hundreds of corroborating photographs, military citations, awards and medals. If you think he's bluffing about any of this, think again.

For readers of nonfiction action and adventure, combat stories, international intrigue, and just plain Fight Club-style grit and humor, No Guts, No Glory is a must-read.

Robert: If this is the Bolen we had at Omega in 68, I assure all he is one of the best. I recall when he came back with a 122 mm rocket intact from near Nam Lehr mountain Cambodia. SOG test fired it. It penetrated six feet plus of concrete. That report was why we built the Duc Co launch site TOC and living area to withstand a direct hit from a 122 mm.