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There was an ice cream stand located in the vicinity of the PX. I believe it had soft-serve ice cream cones and various related concoctions (sundaes, etc.). I believe it was referred to as the "Dairy Queen." In late '69 and early '70 I was the XO of the CRT (Command Readiness Team). One day my boss, LTC (Stamping) Stanier, asked me to get him an ice-cream cone at the DQ. Since we were under the highest alert conditions at the time we were reqired to wear full combat gear. I ask him if he knew how ridiculous it would be to see a captain walking around the compound with an M-16 in one hand and an ice cream cone in the other. He said "Yes, how do you think it would look for an LTC to be doing that. That's why I asking you to go."  I refused his request (one of many this butt-nugget made) which is how I made it back to an "A" team.  Although I didn't frequent the DQ the above incident made me aware of its existence. BTW - I would like to congratulate you and your wife for the tremendous difference you made in the many lives you touched along the Gulf Coast. Regards,  Earl McMillan,  SFA D-317-L; SOA 661-A

There was a Dairy Queen in operation at S.F.O.B Nha Trang, at least until 1969. I think the crooked Mess Association took the profits. Woody Woodworth

The SFOB Dairy Queen was going strong in the summer of 1969, out front of the enlisted club. The so called ice cream was sour, or made from sour milk
or something.  John


Sep 1968, Page 23

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