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Command and Control Central Contributed by Bryon W. Loucks, Sgt, SOA/SF

 1968-69 time frame. Majority of Camp West of the Highway that bisected the camp. Taken from a helicopter that was landing at camp.


69-70 period SW corner of camp looking north. Taken from a helicopter that was landing at camp.. Taken from a helicopter that was landing at camp.

Camp Ho Ngoc Tao, B-56 Project Sigma (CCS) cira 1968 Submitted by: Nick Godano

Camp Ho Ngoc

Camp Ho Ngoc Labled

Club Tickets




Facing East

Commo Bunker & Club

I think the guy on the left is SGT Richard Mendenhall; the one with his arm over his head is a CPT whose name escapes me

Base of Flag Pole Facing North

Base of Flag Pole Facing South

Special Commando Unit (SCU) Patch

I attached a copy of the map I used on my last recon mission ( 20 March 69) into the A Shau One target area. Had to declare a PF emergency to get out of there.  We got pulled out about 500 meters north of the village "A Yen"  Also attached my CCN ID. If you interested, I'll scann my reon patch "Habu" for you website. All the Best, Frank  McCloskey



the patch we (Craig Teal 1-1 and myself) designed for RT Habu. If my memory serves me correctly, Bill Werther picked them up for me in Oki.


Aerial photo of the Royal Thailand Air Force Base (RTAFB) at Nakhon Phanom (NKP) Thailand. The MLT-3 building is located toward the bottom of the photo. It is the H shaped building just about center and above the bush area. The photo was downloaded from the Det 5 Invert site (the radar unit at NKP) thru the courtesy of Chris Jeppeson, the webmaster. [While the enemy looked to the eastern skies from their held territory in Laos for SOG to infiltrate reconnaissance teams from South Vietnam, SOG approached him from his most vulnerable and blindest side; Thailand. Activities conducted from MLT-3 included monitoring Laotian road watch teams; reacting to the analyzed information received form the ?MacNamara Wall' sensor network; providing SOG with air support; leaflet drops and loud speaker operations; Agent and Reconnaissance Team infiltration; search, rescue, and recovery of downed US pilots or missing US military personnel.] The above photo furnished by Maj William "Bill" Shelton, Commander of MLT-3, and extracted information from the book SOG MACVSOG Studies and Observation Group, Behind Enemy Lines, Vol 2, pg 169-70, by Harve Saal.

Target Area Laos, submitted by SGM Billy Waugh

SPAF-1 by Lyle Rex Hill (SPAF-1)

37 mm AAA  (Click--> for story)


SOG "Chase" Medics from FOB II and helicopter crew from crashed Jolly Green Giant downed on Operation Tailwind. The original helicopter crashed on top of a vacant NVA fortification. The rescue helicopter dropped a rope ladder about 20 minutes later. The rescue helicopter was itself hit, and had to place the evacuees on a hilltop in Laos while it limped home for repairs. A third helicopter picked up the medics and drew. The medics are John Padgett and John Browne, 1st and 2nd on ladder. Submitted by Doc. Padgett 4th BN, II Corps Mobile Strike Force (Kontum Mike Force) just after the battle of Ben Het, 1969. 2nd from L, standing, is CPT Jim Gribbin, later KIA at Dak Seang;  front seated on L holding CAR-15 is SSG John Padgett. Submitted by: John E. Padgett, PA-C, Ph.D.
"Si vis pacem, para bellum"
Flavius Vegetius Renatus
Jon Cavaiana, Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient for defense of Hickory Radio Relay (Center); Vice President of the California State University in Mendota (Left); Robert L. Noe, (Right) presenting Jon a copy of the SOG Congressional Medal of Honor Print Jul 2006 Left, Lt Tom Norris of the famed Bat 21 rescue; Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient. Center, Robert L. Noe presenting the SOG Congressional Medal of Honor Print to both Norris and Fleming; Right, Col James Fleming who rescued RT Chisel from certain death, Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient. Spokane, WA Jul 2006

Threesome at FOB 1 range...a joint range used by SF/101st/ASA --when they test fired their mighty .38 cals.
Photo is provided by Doug "The Frenchman" Le Tourneau from FOB 1. From left: John "Tilt" Meyer, John Bubba Shore, both ST IDAHO, in fall '68, and Charles Borg -- not Charles Berg.  Submitted by John S. "Tilt" Meyer

Another shot of CCN men, provided by John Peters, former team member ST/RT Rhode Island, with Les Daniels was the One-Zero. From left: Jeffrey L. Junkins, John Peters and David "Fuck Me To Tears" Badger -1968. Submitted by John S. "Tilt" Meyer

glh.jpg (25874 bytes) Gary Hollingsworth, picture furnished by his son Jim. KIA 18 May 71 along with Dale Dehnke and Danny Entrican of RT Alaska, TF1AE  

The four photographs featured below are from Steve J. Yevich, Medic, CCN, 1971

CCN 1971, Thomas E Corbett & Steve Yevich The picture of people sitting around was taken on top of Marble Mountain next to the CCN compound.  From left to right:  UNK (in sunglasses), Eldon Bargewell, Steve  yevich, UNK (in shadow facing us),  Frank (last name has temporarily slipped my mind, but was an Italian name -- looking over shoulder), UNK in shadow.   There was a caption "Kuse," on the picture, this is suspected to be JonW.  Kuse of CCN. (Note: The man on the far left of the photo is (I think) Mike Stalnaker; the Frank, is Frank Maiorano - both on RT Oklahoma. -George G. Boyd. RT Oklahoma

RT Moccassin, Nov 71. John Elia (10), Steve Yevich (11), and Bob Beard (12).  King was a Rhade Montagnard (ex-VC). 

FROM:  Mr. Noe my name is Jon Elia, and i'm trying to get some information together about Johnny W. Elia i'm looking for anything really. i live in waskom so wherever you live in Louisiana wouldn't be too far if you might have some pictures or stories i could scan or write down. i was also looking for the book who's who from macvsog. it seems to be out of print but i imagine you have one. from what i know he was at one time with rt florida, according to some personel record scans i also found a list of all the people who signed the bullseye flag and he was lister under rt moccasin in the picture i attatched he is listed as john i dont know very much about his history, i'm trying to find that out. He died in december of 73, in a hotel room in mineola, he was working for the rail road, and i understand they said it was a gas leak. if you would give me a call i'd love to talk to you, or better yet i'd be happy to buy you lunch if you could provide me with anything my number is  903-736-7659, i'm available pretty much all the time. thanks

Your uncle was the 10 on RT Moccasin; I was the 11 (tall guy in the back row), and Bob Beard was the 12 (front row). I would be glad to talk to you about Jon.  He was the best - character-wise and temperment.  I left RVN in JAN/FEB 72 and got out of the Army, and had no contact with him.  I heard years later about his death, and often think of him and what he taught me, and what he could have become if he had lived. I'll buy YOU lunch/dinner.  Tell me where you live.  I should have a few pix of him, but I gave copies of all of them to Plaster, so they are probably in his book (if he used them).  You need to become his legacy, so get ready to change your future.  
There are a few others who associated with him and who also thought highly of him. steve yevich


Vaughn Bell, A One Zero of a CCN RT, on top of Marble Mountain

Col Belfi & Larry Manes with General Abrams - BrassSpectators 

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