Pg 1 Joseph's 1890 discharge (Son of Henry) Page 2 Joseph's 1890 discharge (Son of Henry) Photo taken on Henry Noe's 75th Birthday. cir 1935. Bottom, Left to right: Alice Lackey-Dau; Lizzy Smith (Step Dau); Laura Bell Noe (Giles) holding Ray who died at 7years of age wife of Joseph ; Georgie Smith-Dau; Liza Beldeck-Dau; Lottie (Hays-Noe Dau-in-law). Top Left to Right: Tom Smith (Lizzy's husband) Willis Bildeck (Liza's husband) Joseph Levy Noe-Son holding Bill; Walter Noe-Son Henry Willis Noe, b. ca 1860. 1900 Census HenryW. Magness Township, Arkansas
1910 census 1920 Census Joe L. Noe Household. 1920 Census Henry W. Henry's Marriage License to Oma Reynolds Jun 1815

Henry's death certificate.

Joseph (Chester, aka Check" Noe, son of Joseph L. Noe, grandson of Henry serving in Korea during the Korean War.