This email was recently forward to Robert Noe:

Bob, I recently heard that one of the Walkers, convicted of treason for selling all the top secret navy crypto-codes to the Russians and who passed it on to the ultimate end users, the NVA, has been paroled from prison. Contrary to John Plaster's magnificent book, and the input from Berkowitz?, the NVA didn't compromise our eight digit LZ coordinates due to VN working with STD. They had them from the reporting of these coordinates to CINCPAC thanks to the Walkers. (All C&C missions and pre-selected LZ's were reported thru CINCPAC to the SACSA. That is why everyone in SOG, VN etc.. easily passed the lie detector tests. Men died on LZ's in late 70 and 71, CCN wenton stand-down due to this. I had a launch from MLT-3 cancelled. This guy walks after 12 years.

UPDATE: Oct 3, 2005


FYI, Walker is serving LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE. he is still in the crossbar hotel and will die there, for certain.
Recently freed on parole was Edwin P. Wilson, ExCIA.