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At the SOG PUC presentation - SOG guys with Larry Thorne Knives Submitted by  Jari of Finland

Nugent Cal Ky, President of South Vietnam and Robert L. Noe

 LZ Duc Co near the village and the fence along Highway 19. This was one of the staging area's we used to refuel before doing an extraction. In the photo is one of our Charlie model gunship's pulling up to a fuel bladder. Sometimes we'd leave the LZ on the quick, other times we'd just wait to hear the load and go order for hours. The worst days were when they told us to head back to camp. That meant radio contact or the team had been lost. Ray Hoagland, Ghost Rider 774

The following six pictures are from Captain Garry Robb, Recon Co Commander, Command & Control North

RT Asp, 69. Left standing Mel Westerfield; Opposit Lo Van An (Sole survivor of Asp's last mission) Courtesty Ken Conboy and James Morrison. Page 19, VN Magazine-Aug 2001 picture is the Phoenix Program, Quang Nam Province, RVN, 1968
picture is RT ASP (one of the few times we ran US, mostly we ran NVA, no pictures allowed) NKP 1969.   picture is the Jump Team, 1st airborne insertion into Laos, RT ASP, 1970 from left me, Hao, Cu and Bob Ramsey. picture is from the Hook (NKP), the FAC's who flew our mission and Mike Taylor and me, from left, Jim Latham, Mike Taylor, Dick Hall, Pat McCaslin, Butch Musick, Garry Robb and Dan Gibson. 

B56, Camp Ho Ngoc Tao, circa 1968/69 from Nick Godano

Volleyball: L-R SGM Alexander, AF-FAC (Forgot his name), SFC Larry Cottingham

Club Ho Ngo Tao-Back Wall, Chromed AK Balloon was an experiment to quick-launch an antenna. L-SFC Don Blake; R-Sgt(?) Henry Kohn

Background -SSG "Andy" Anderson; R-Rudy (Civilian)

It really was big, unfortunately, I lost it.


Sun Set comes to Ho Ngoc Tao

Yours truly at the bar, we sure were young once

High Tech Commo Rig, SFC Blake at the wheel

Flying on a string. L&R-Indig; Ctr-SP4 Ron Gearhardt

CCC & FOB 2, 70-71 from John Newman

  Sgt Edward "Ed" C. Ziobron, Distinguish Service Cross, Laos, 1970, Co A, CCC

Sgt John Newman, 1970, A Co, CCC, Laos, 1970

RT Maine, 70 @ CCC, Taken at FOB NVA Dressed RT New Hampshire Bunker Maint @ FOB 2, CCC, 1970, 1-0 Ron Witte RT Maine, 1970. 1-0 & 1-1 (Names forgotten) in NVA dress

A Co Party, 1970, FOB 2, Cpt Fred Krupa, center (KIA 27Feb71). John Newman 3rd from left

RT New Hampshire. 1-0 Ron White, Left. 11- Will Curry. Taken at FOB 2, 1970 RT New Hampshire at Dak To launch site, 1971

Maggie at FOB 2 CLUB 1970

Sgt William Callard, Laos 70, A Co, CCC

Safe return, 1971. Sgt John Newman, RT New Hampshire
The following three photo are from Jason Hardy who got them from Bucky Ramsey of CCC
L to R: Captain Larry Cano /SFC Robert Noe/SGT Samuel T. Helland/SGT Bucky Ramsey
Left to Right:  SSG John Allen (Training TAC officer)/SGTM Bucky Ramsey/SGT Samual Helland/SFC Robert L. Noe
Left to Right:  SFC Robert Noe/Air Craft Pilot on one of the Aircraft that was going to insert us/SSG Larry Predmore
 This photo is from Ron Graham Becker cir Aug 69.  The photo I found in my stuff, after all these yearsNKP1969_01.jpg (582967 bytes)
   Ron Graham -- CCN/MLT-3 NKP -- Dec 1968 - Dec 1969; Colorado Springs, CO; Ron Graham Becker

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