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This page consist of 1967-68, FOB II Photographs furnished by Tom Carrell

100 foot hover

170th Guns 26 is up Bikini red is up 3 on a string FOB II

Airstrike on NVA Position Dak To

Approach to Leghorn

Bad little Indians Nungs

Banana Plantation take off FOB

Bikini Red

Bring them back rain or shine

Buc 3 on the go

Budda Nha Trang ii

Central Highland

Covey leading the way

First step is a big one

FSB Dak To

Green Hornet 20th AF Wing, FOB II

Highway 14 South of Plieku

In the door

Jungle waterfall South of Plieku

Kingbees on stand by 170th

Leghorn resupply Laos

No roads, just miles

Out of the woods

Presentation briefing FOB II

Putting a team in FOB II

Rainbow over the plei Trap

Ready for duty FOB II

Repelling FOB II

Rope Ladder FOB II


Slash & Burn LZ Chu Pongs

Sunset Kontum


Waterfall near Dak To

We were soldiers once & some young

We weren't there RR site Laos

Yard Happy House

Lewis C Walton, CCN, KIA'ed May 3, 1971  

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