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KHAM DUC early 1967 by Michael C. Samples, With 20th TASS  I was an E-4 who loaded rockets, fuel and went along for the ride, and did what ever else that was needed.

Det A-105, across runway was SOG's camp and beyond that was a village.

Camp A-105. Note when I was there in Aug 70, this place was blown to hell, nothing remained standing-RLNOE Two Army SOG & 1 AF on Right side and center & Left. Please if you can ID anyone of these guys, let me know. Note the Tattoo on the chest of the guy in the center forefront This deer was shot from Helo between Dak To and Kham Duc

CCS RECON CO taken in July 70 shortly after they closed the Salem House to US team.  I think it goes like this-->(Unknown (standing)- (Fast Eddie, standing), (Babyson [David Davison KIA 10/5/70], kneeing), (Steve Pletcher, kneeling), (Pete Nimtze, kneeeling), (POP Taylor, kneeling), (Capt. Hall, kneeling), (Sonny Franks, kneeling), (Pappy Reed, Standing), (me, standing), (you, kneeling), (Lancelot, standing) and finally, last on right, John (?????) killed himself by blowing his head off, was from HALO, arrived with Billy Bill Coughlan @

Hall kneeling behind POP Taylor. Although I think you are mistaken about Pappy Reed.  Pappy was the 1SGT of 2nd Co at that time and SFC Don Reed was our Actting 1SGT after Joe Brock left and before 1SGT Loft came in.  And, you are correct about Tony Appleton, who was (technically my 11) on RT Plane although he never ran a mission with us.  Ben was on his extension leave when this picture was taken.  I joined him in Bangkok shortly after this picture was taken and when we got back, Tony had half of RT Plane in HALO School, Hall had left and I took
over the company. by Troy @

Back row - R to L second and third are, I think, Major James Asente and Major Willis Jones.

would appreciate anyone else to chime in to fill in the blanks or correct or errors.

PHOTOS FURNISHED BY JIM DAY, CCS RECON COMPANY RECEIVING BRIEFING-Please Identify the individuals              March to June of 1969. Maybe later



This first one is a picture of my Twin brother Jack
Williams and myself taken at B-24 About August 1968. Jack had gone back to Dak Pek from Ben Het and was in to B-24 for the day.
This murkey photo is of me on my first mission at
FOB-2 with RT Delaware 1-0 SSG Dahling looking for a NVA unit which ambushed an American convoy between Kontum and Pleiku.  Dahling hated that hat
Point man Yuk...the sorcerer, then 18 years old.
Right after he got off the choppers from the mission
to look for NVN artillery.  I had two other photos of the group as they unassed the choppers...both slides
have gone missing.
Pic taken in Sep 1968
RT Delaware indig in their team room September 1968
getting ready for the mission to highway 110.
Picture of RT Delaware 1-0 to be Luk Dove and RT Illinois 1-1 Trammell after the return of their "shake
down" mission. 

Couple of Sgts fixing their hooch at Fob-2.  I used to remember their names.  I do remember they weren't part of the Bull Shiter contingent. Picture of the club at FOB2.  Don (Dave) Davidson and Mike Williams are in the photo which makes the date probable very late Oct 1968, just after Mike and Jimmy Marshall got back from looking for and finding NVA
guns in Laos.
Right before I left (31 Oct as I recall), there was a
real party behind the RT barracks next to the bunkers. Some serious imbibing was the order of the day.  Here Don (Dave) Davidson ... later (I heard) a SGM.  Again not/NOT one of the Bull Shiters.
Party on 31 Oct 1968 at FOB 2.  think the guy talking is SFC Dennison??? not sure of the names. Jimmy Marshall and a SSG who went on the mission to look for the guns.  Pic taken at the 31 Oct party right after RT Delaware returned from the mission.  RT Delaware was led by Mike Williams, Jimmy was 1-2... Rodriques was on a shake down training mission with Delaware. In September 1968 we all were ordered to improved our
assigned bunkers.  RT Delaware went down to the old
4th inf compound 4 miles down the road and scrounged 8" beams and sacks of grenades.  We Built this bunker with a Sand bag berm behind it.  In every alert, senior officers would cluster there because of the protection.
White armored car with a renault engine in FOB-2 SSG Luk Dove, my replacement as 1-0 Delaware, taken just after his return from a shake-down mission with RT Illinois in October 1968.  Shortly after this photo
he took over as 1-0 of Delaware.  Note the RT Delaware patch I designed on his pocket.  Only 20 were made.
Here's a photo of me taken in
Herat Afghanistan, Oct 2006, and one from A-233 Ban Do from Dec 1966.  Not too big a change.

Delaware 1-2 Jimmy Marshall and point
man Y Yuk Ayun taken in July 68 at FOB 2
FOB-2 Hqs in the East section of the camp, July 1968. The jeep in front likely was stolen from Pleiku.  The
fob had active "requisition" operations on-going to plus up our logistical structure.

Gene Williams in Herat, fall 06, and in Farah province near the Iranian border, Spring 07

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