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CCS - From left to right Al Waggle, Brock, Babysan, unknown (Green Hornet crew member). Furnished by Robert J Bechtoldt, aka (Baron)
SGMs of the 5th SFG(A) circa 1970, prior to return of the 5th SFG(A) to Fort Bragg, NC.  Standing to might right (Photo right) is the Group SGM Paul Darcy (Deceased).  Four over to my photo right is my amigo, Johnny Miller, then next to him Frank Hillman, then Avery, and others.  SGM Conway is to my immediate photo left.   Days gone by, 36 years of them.  Take care Robert, Billy Waugh sends
I found these while browsing.  There are some good pics here.  I don't remember Jim, but I do recognize some of the others.Nick Godano Click here--> B-56 Project Sigma pictures from military photos on webshots

From Project Delta and FOB-2 submitted by Darrell G "Moe Elmore  (67-68 timeframe)

waiting to make a second attempt to infiltrate in late Nov or early Dec 1967 on a Daniel Boone mission. Photo was taken by a pilot of the insertion ship - times were getting bad and we took no photos in those days - at least most of us didn't.  Moe was one-zero, Hoppe was One-one and we were on one of the Omega teams integrated into CCC.  L-R it has 4 Yards and 2 US.  they are Y San Ayun, Me, Mang Lot, Mang ?, Hoppe, and Y Krun Nie Moe advising a company of Rangers with Project Delta in the summer of 68 Project Delta Recon in May of 68 in a dry hole waiting for extraction. 
  The photographs below cover the period 1968 - 1973 during which I served with the US Army Special Forces. --Submitted by Sid Shafer CCN 69-70

These Photographs below are dedicated to those men who believed that freedom was more than just a vague concept, their courage and dedication impacts on all of us. I am proud and honored to have had the pleasure of knowing them. Hopefully this will help preserve a portion of our history and provide a link to those who gave so much that we may enjoy the way of life we cherish today.

The main entrance to Recon Company, Command and Control North (CCN), MACV SOG. DaNang 1969

Command Bunker

Carl Manning

Ken Bute

RT Chi Lang

Shelly Kluck

Sgt Craig Stephenson

Marty Arbeit

Sid Shafer


RT Sidewinder

Name Unknown

Sp4 Thompson

Extraction Training

Name Unknown


Home Sweet Home

Dune Buggy

Promotion Orders  Special Order 30, 1 January 1969

These are promotion orders from when I was at CCN and you should
recognize a lot of the names (Bobby Creel, Eldon Bargewell, John Meyer, Don Shepard, Jon Plaster, etc.). Most of those making E-4 were in my SF class. 
-Submitted by Sid Shafer CCN 69-70

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