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Photo's by SFC Warren (Ed) E. Fisler aka "Fast Eddie", Project B-53-Author Hunting with Tigers
May 17 and 18, 2008  Gulf Shores, Florida for the annual Jake Jacobson's day Benny Dunakowski -1970 Ed and his new A/C -1970 Frank Miller Skinny Ed
Ed's bar in Tay Ningh ED waiting for players Fast Eddy and his Mercedes ED behind his bar in Tay Ninh. Notice Ray Charles up on the wall with cowboy hat and sun glasses appearing nightly
SFC Tadeusz M Kepczyk, KIA 23 Aug 68 attack on CCN's compound. SFC Tadeusz M Kepczyk, KIA 23 Aug 68 firing a 4.2 mortar    

From: Neal Riley <>
Subject: JTFFA-Full Accounting
Date: Monday, October 6, 2008, 12:20 PM

Steve, I am sending these pictures as we discussed in our phone conversation. The dates are Aug 1999. First group is of successful recovery of John E. Crowley, Spec4, D Troop, 1st Squadron, 1st Cavalry, Americal Div., assigned to Shining Brass mission. We found the remains under the overturned wreckage of a Huey. Ground loss was Aug 10, 1970, Laos. Some SOA members may know which team was operating on this mission. Second group is of unsuccessful search for Leo Semour, RT Texas, Loss: July 3 1967, Attopeu, Laos. My team and I searched and recovered no remains. I found a half-burried NVA-type AK magazine harness with a white plastic spoon in it-(I assumed it to be from a C-Rat). I also found a .32 cal bullet. We tried to recreate the events based on the reports available and spent a great deal of time searching. Nothing else was recovered and we were sent to other sites for exploitation. I thought it would be good to let some others in SOA see the photos. Thanks. Neal Riley, SOA #2618-GL
Some photos from my time with SOG (CCN) 1970-71.   Michael C. Heinricy (SGT)  CCN  - RTs Python and Virginia and Phu Bai Launch Site 8/1970 to 8/1971
1-0 school.  I know some of the men here but have forgotten the names of others maybe some of the others can fill in the gaps. Those that I remember are:  Standing 2d from left - Tommy Thompson, 3d from left SFC Moore ?? Kneeling center - William "Jose" Fernandez, 3d from left Dennis or Denny ---??
Michael C. Heinricy (SGT)  CCN  - RTs Python and Virginia and Phu Bai Launch Site 8/1970 to 8/1971 Heinricy & Tommy Thompson outside a hootch at CCN compound.

Pictures from  "Bob" Lewelling

Late April or early May, 1969.  At the CCS south launch site.  Going into S71c in the Fish Hook" with Durst, Lincoln, and my four Nungs. Early April, 1969.  At CCS south launch site.  My Chinese team and Jim Bowlin's Yard team are on alert to go into G-80 (COSVN) near Mimot Cambodia.  They sent a heavy Hatchet force instead commanded by Cpt Paul Cahill.  MIA: SFC Jerry M. Shriver, Sgt Ernest C. Jamison, and 1lt Gregory M. Harrigan; WIA: Cpt Cahill and 1lt Walter L. Markantel.  Of the 25-30 Montagnards inserted, about half were killed and virtually all survivors were wounded.
Photo's submitted by Daniel Lindblom
Daniel Lindblom, RT NH Fred Smith, RT Arkansas. Note: Smith was my Team Sgt on A-105 on Okinawa, at that time he was a MSG cir 1972/73 John St Martin, RT NY; Timothy Linch RT Ohio; Walter Horion (Aggie) RT NH; Oliver Hartwig, RT Ohio
RT NH, 1969. Back row standing: William McClure 1-0; Waler Horion 1-2; Lindblom 1-1 Walter Horion (Auggie); John St Martin; and Daniel Lindblom


CAO VAN HOANG, Recon Co, CCN, MIA March 1971, RT Mississippi
An Israeli civilian was working in VN and visited Hickory, Hill 950, 2010 and was in the Quan Tri area, he was approached by an elderly gentlemen who tried to sell him Cao's CCN ID card saying he had found it on Hickory.  It is determined the "R" after CCN is a designation for Recon Company and the ID is real-RLN

Jason Hardy writes:  For what it is worth I have seen these IDs before. The color may be faded but a couple things I like is the CCN security stamp and an actual picture not a computer generated scanned copy.

Khanh Doan (Cowboy) writes: Email 1: It was right, the unit of assignment is CCN 'R' was for (Recon Co. CCN), Danang. I knew and was the friend with Cao Van Hoang, we were together at FOB # 1, Phu Bai, you guys also met and knew him, FOB # 1 closed, we moved to Danang, he was a Vietnamese& Nung, his recon team was blow-out on March 1971, he was counted Mission In Action (MIA), his serviced code was # 1/0211, my serviced code was # 1/0150. Thank you for bring my friend memories.

Cowboy email 2: Hi Dai Uy Noe, It was a long time ago, If I wasn't wrong, Hoang Cao (ngau= 'macho')was a member from RT Mississippi, he was an excellent recon man, some time his position on the team was assistant team leader (09) then became team leader (01), the most of his recon teammates was Nung and Vietnamese, some time to time, I have contacted with his teammate Vu, Pham T. , was 02 (interpreter), Vu was survival on those mission
Larry Green and four of the team members made at the Phu Bai launch site in February 1970.  We had just come out of the field as I still have on camo paint so I was probably just out of debrief.  In the photo are front (left to right) Hoang, Chung; back row (left to right) Vuong, Trung, Greene.  Chung was from Da Nang and was the only BKQ who was not from North Viet Nam.  Vuong and Trung were Nung from Cao Bang or Lang Son (provinces along the NVN border with China.  I had several other team members but these were the only ones on this mission.  I did not have an interpreter (on this mission) as I had been to VN language school as part of the MATA Course at Ft Bragg and spent 6 months as a MACV advisor with the 51 ARVN Regiment and 37th Ranger (Biet Dong Quan) Battalion. You will notice in the group photo that he has a splint on his finger. Trung's finger was broken when the Chinook ladder was being rolled out and his finger got caught in the ladder and broken.  He may have been at the hospital in Phu Bai getting his finger splinted when the other photos were made-Larry Green
Hi Larry, Dai Uy Noe,Tilt,
Larry, it was great and more than happy to know you still alive, yes, I have received four photos from your Email, they were Cao Văn Hoàng, Nguyễn Văn Chúng, La Văn Vượng, Nguyễn Van Trung. You are right Chúng was from Da nang and was the only BKQ (Biệt Kích Quân) who was not from N. Vietnam. I am pretty sure that a guy kneeling in front of the picture was Phạm-Thiên Vũ, 0-2, Interpreter for ST/ RT Mississippi, FOB #1, CCN Danang, Vu is living in the suburts of Phan Thiet City and is a farmer, you could see Vu's pictures enclosed
After received your mail, I have call Vu in VN to double check about his RT blew-out situation, he was confirm that the happened to his ST/RT Hai Dieu (latest name) was on March 1971 at Ashau Valley, where was his RT made contacted with NVA, the resulted of the mission that Cao Hoang, La Vuong died, Chung wounded than died later, Vu, Phuc, and Binh wounded, Vu also asked that have you have any contact with Capt. Manning?
I am living in San Jose, CA. I don't know Dai Uy Lai The Thiet in Lien Doan 1 BDQ (Ranger), if you wish to fine him I will try to ask my BDQ friends and let you know when I know. I bet you had a 10 good days trip in VN last May.
Hopefully, keeping in touch with you, and look forward to see you at SOA reunion every year in Las Vegas,NV
Your FOB#1+ CCN Comrade.
Khanh Cowboy Doan


I knew him quite well.  Hoang was the Zero-One of RT Mississippi (a/k/a RT Van Kiep) when I was the One-Zero.  I have several photos of him.  I have attached one of them.  Cao Van Hoang was born in North Viet Nam and is actually a Tai Trang Montagnard.  I know a bit more about his background before he was at CCN.  I had heard later that RT Mississippi had been lost but whoever told me did not have the details.  I just attached another photo.  You can see Hoang’s name tape in the second photo.  SGT Larry Zaika is at the left kneeling and Vu and he was the interpreter for RT Mississippi..-Larry Green
Cao and Larry Green in Recon Co area 1970
and Hoang that appears to have been made in Isolation as we have no insignia

     I am also attaching individual photos (BELOW) of Hoang, Chung and Vuong.


Below Pic of Richard Thomas, KIA 1-9-70 with his friends
Top-20.jpg (113432 bytes)From left to right: Opel, Bechtoldt, and to the best of my recollection, Thomas.
RJ (Baron) Bechtoldt (

Fayetteville,NC1969.jpg (115182 bytes)From left to right; UI, Rich Thomas, Mike Buchanan, Rich(?) Joecken, Carl Franquet (me). We were all in the O&I course together and went to town for a few brews. Taken either in late ’68 or early ’69.-Carl ( TrainingGroupOct,1968.jpg (139975 bytes)Taken in the MATA Mile area of Smoke Bomb Hill at Fort Bragg sometime in late Sep or early Oct of ’68. We were in a small unit infantry tactics class during Phase I of the Q Course and, as you can see, were goofing off. Rich Thomas is on the left of the pic. I can’t remember the other guys standing. The fake body guy is the same UI in the other pic. I took the pic. FYI, the UI guy in both pix is the one who he threw the CS in the club. He admitted to me months after the fact. Can’t believe that I can’t remember his name because we palled around in Tng Grp. He was upset because he got assigned to a support platoon at CCS. -Carl

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