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PHOTOS BELOW BY RANDY GIVENS-MAGGIE VISIT AT CCN'S CLUB, DEC 31, 69 (Might have been X-mas eve though)-     At midnight, we took her outside for a look as our guys "fired the wall" (firepower display) into Chinstrap (Marble) mountain.  Spooky was on alert and was soon overhead and came up on the camp defense net.  The conversation went something like:  Spooky: "Good evening Gentlemen, this is Spooky 69.  I notice that you may be having some difficulty down there.  May I be of assistance?" CCN:  "No Spooky, we've got it under control.  Thanks much for your assistance."   I'm not sure what "Danger Close" would have been for Spooky, but I'm sure our outpost on top of the mountain would have been concerned if Spooky had fired. :-)

This one is of Maggie, singing to our CCN guys,


Randy facing the camera, behind Maggie.  SGM Tom
Nameth is the guy on the far right, in profile.
Maggie meets SCU Recon Team member in CCN club
Maggie with  CCN troops & Seabees

Maggie talks to the troops. Cletis Sinyard (Babysan) wearing the boonie hat. Larry Trimble standing next to Maggie with a mustach. Also Randy Givens and SGM Nameth. Closest to the camera is Jim Lamotte. That night after the festivities Maggie took some of the Recon guys up to the officer's club and she drank vodka and talked the rest of the night.

Spike with  CCN troops & Seabees in CCN club. Spike was a Vietnamese orphan who was informally "adopted" by some guys in Recon company.  He lived with them and even stayed with them up on the top of Chinstrap, at our outpost up there.  Someone finally figured out that there was a security risk in all that, and hanging around with a bunch of G.I.'s wasn't getting Spike the kind of education he needed to succeed in life.  So, it was arranged that Spike went to a boarding type school in DaNang. Left to Right.- SeaBee petty officer/photographer - SFC Ammon Sink, NCOIC, CCN S-2 - SFC Jerry Skiorsky (spelling?), CCN S-2 Collections NCO.  He made a round of all the local intelligence producing units in the DaNang area and brought them back so we could avoid another attack like that which hit CCN in Aug 1968.  Thanks to him, we were able to cross reference all those intel reports and frequently predicted where the VC were going to set up to shoot rockets into DaNang.  He was also our "liaison" guy with the German Hospital ship in the bay, the Helgaland.  After I got shot up in Marble Mountain, the medics at the 95th EVAC Hospital wouldn't let me go to their club, so Jerry went to the hospital ship and brought me back a six pack of Beck's Export Beer.  I shared one with my doctor and he then prescribed the rest of them for me.  Pissed the nurses off, but they were a cranky bunch anyway.  - CCN NCO, name forgotten. - Spike- SeaBee Lieutenant- Cpt. Randy Givens, CCN Asst. S-2


Spike with Cpt Randy Givens in CCN club

SOG logo outside of the entrance way to the club at FOB1.


Picture of Ronald with Martha at A-322 Cidadel after Tet Cidadel after Tet (2nd Pic) Oberheart Medic FOB 1 Dispensary
Veron Medic & Cosal Cambodian Mess Hall Cambodian KKK Chopper Pad View of FOB 1 from Kingbee
Old French barracks at FOB 1 My place at FOB 1 Rainy day at the FOB1 Dispensary FOB 1 Bruce Johnston medic FOB 1
Donley  medic FOB 1 Varnie& Sgt Lane at Xmas party 68 both KIA Donley and Sgt Lane  team members at Xmas party
THE PHOTO'S BELOW ARE OF SFC JAMES E MORTON, CCN, SIGNAL SECTION, 69 TIMEFRAME. These pictures are submitted by his family who would like to correspond with anyone who knew or served with him.  Hazel Morton, 384 Fairview Drive, Berkely Springs, WV 25411 (Note: If you contact James' family and allege SOG/SF service, we will be notified and you will be vetted against our data base to validate your claim).
James standing in front of a building marked "ARP" James, either receiving or presenting a SOG knife. Would like to identify the others in this photo. The guy sitting in the middle looks familiar. James wife sent this card.
MEMORIES OF A SPECIAL FORCES SOLDIER-Terry Dahling's- Bad Tolz and the 10th group & MACVSOG FOB2/FOB3/CCN (1968 timeframe)-Links to various sections of his website with photo's
28 Nov 70- Ronald E. Smith, SFC E-7 USASF CCS, Ban Me Thuot, Ops 35 MIA in Cambodia while on Recon patrol.  NEED IDENTIFICATION OF OTHERS IN THE PHOTO AND ANY INFO ON SFC SMITH. "I am the niece of SFC Ronald E. Smith USASF. He is still very loved and missed by my entire family. I would love it if you could put me in touch with anyone who knew him. Pics and stories are all we have of him for now and I would love to have more info on him.
Thank You - Crystal

SPIKE TEAM OHIO 1966-1967: FOB2, Kontum, RVN-MACV-SOG. One Zero (1-0_ MSG Richard J. "Dick" Meadows.

STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Huy, Wong A Cau, MSG Meadows, 1st Lt Le Minh, SFC James A Simpson?, SFC Charles N. "Chuck" Kerns, Can, and Dau

KNEELING: LEFT TO RIGHT: Lieu A Sang, Nguyen Kim Thach "Teddy", Nhuc, Ly A Duong.

Positions held by team members: Americans-MSG Meadows-One Zero; SFC Simpson-One-one; SFC Kerns-One two.

Vietnamese: Sang-Point Man; Can-Compass Man; Thach-Interpreter; Minh-ARVN; Huy-?; Can-Radio Man; Nhuc-?; Duong-Rear Man; Dau-Rear Man

(The identity of the 3rd American identified by Thach as ?Simpson?  The assumption is made  that this is SFC James A. Simpson, the only Simpson listed in Sherman's "Who's Who" that seems to fit the time period under the FOB2 section).  Photo furnished by Joseph Parnar from Plaster's book  and Team Members ID'ed by Nguyen Kim Thach, Team's Interpreter

                                                                             DALE DEHNKE, & DANNY ENTRICAN
I was really close to Dale Dehnke. We came in country together. He watched out for me as he was a few years older than me. I found this photo and wanted to send it for your website. In October, 1971, I traveled to California from Missouri to talk with Dale's family. When I got there, I just couldn't do it. I feel extremely terrible now that I didn't talk to them. Thanks for the great memorial. Thanks, Sgt. Randy L. Landers , 1/0 RT Oklahoma CCN 1/2 RT Wedge CCS   (To view Dale's memorial, click-->Dale)
Dale Dehnke (in head band) & Danny Entrican (back facing camera) Dale Dehnke (far left) & Danny Entrican (back facing camera again) photo taken possibly before their last mission, May, '71 Dale is in the head band "Dog Days"-Dehnke is 2nd from the left holding the drink. I'm on the very Right. This photo was taken shortly after we came in country.
 Recon Company CCN made in early 1970, somewhere between late January and early March.  I believe it was made the day that GEN Abrams came to the camp and pinned medals on the team memberS of ST Alabama and there may have been someone else.  The original is very grainy and it was probably made with a Olympus PenEE but I am not sure.  In the photo CPT Stewart was Recon Co CO, SGT (SSG??) Fitzgerald was the guidon bearer.  MSG Bob Cole is at the head of the far right rank.  I am at the head of the third rank from the left.  I recognize other faces but have forgotten names.  ALL THE WAY  ------Larry Greene



Ed Woulcoff (sp) (with hand in shirt) and Doug Frank Miller (CMH)-Info furnished by  jim jones-shorten

The photo was taken at Camp Long Than during the one-zero school.  I was  Training Officer there during July thru Oct 1970 and my recollection is that Frank was in a holding pattern as he awaited a decision on his heroics that led to the MOH.  I believe Ed was down there for training (either it for one-zero or one of the airborne sessions).  Mike Ash 


SFC Robert" Squirrel" Sprouse served with FOB2, CCN, & CCC & SSG Loyd "Big Snake" Adams served with FOB2, CCN & TF1AE.

Photo is their commo training time on smoke bomb hill. Squirrel is the SSG 2nd row, 3rd frm left.  Snake is
the tall guy 2nd row, last on the right-Gene Williams

I am a former SOG gunship pilot / team / section leader who knew and flew support for "Squirrel" ( code name ) when at FOB-2.  He was a member of the "Orignial 33" SF members who were on SOG from 1966-'67.  Other member of the Original 33 and more attend the SOA Renion each year.  Our 119th Assault Helicopter Company were quite involved in serving of SOG during this time. SFC Sprouse was a great guy and a "pro" doing his work.- Gary Rodgers,Croc 5 with 119th and Tiger 1 on SOG.

wpe9C.jpg (32723 bytes)

Squirrel Sprouse. He's the e-6 with the cigarette. It was taken up in Pisquah
National Forest in December 1965 during our final SFTG exercise. I
think I still have the e-mail address for his son and will foward it.

Blond guy was a Brit, former British marine I think or so he
claimed; Odd story. Check out the old commo equip.
submitted by Gene Williams


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