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“This history of SOG’s Southern Brotherhood is a large book, 735 pages (and four pounds). It is the only published history of any of the three Command and Control Detachments and is written by the sole surviving Commander of CCS. It’s Foreword is by LTG Bill Tangney, USA Ret., former Dep. CG of USSOCOM – and a former CPT at CCS Sept 70-71. He retired in 2002 with over 34 years of active duty. It represents three years of research and thousands of email and phone call messages to those veterans still in contact. In addition, the author in his not-for-profit effort is continuing another three years of research for information from those veterans not previously contacted – the results will be posted on a newly posted web site, with lots of photos.

The Initial Review by noted SOG author, MAJ John L. Plaster, notes: “"Chief SOG, Col. Steve Cavanaugh's greatest regret was that SOG's "tremendous unsung heroes" deserved recognition which was not possible for their highly classified missions. My books on SOG, too, lacked enough space to recognize all the gallant warriors who fought in SOG's secret missions. Today, thanks to Lt. Col. Fred Lindsey's devoted research and writing, the veterans of Projects Sigma and Omega, and Command and Control South Detachment have had that much corrected. Equally importantly, he has incorporated all 14 aviation units that supported them during the six-year period. For without the air support directly under its operational control, and the loyal, experienced indigenous soldiers, CCS could not have accomplished their mission in Cambodia. They were a unified team that lived and fought together. Both as a CCS commander, and a historian, Lt. Col. Lindsey has done his men and his unit proud. What they did is now known, and who they are will not be forgotten. "De Oppresso Liber." ----- John Plaster"

Although not an easy read with its chronological review of all the well-documented events, the book has received enthusiastic praise from the men and families of CCS and Its Air Partners, as noted by the below sampling of the many messages received:

By Ingrid McDaniel (widow of MAJ Burl McDaniel) to Lindsey on 1/23/13: “Hello Fred ... just received the book and the few pages I read is just unimaginable ... and for my soul and memory of Burl, such a special gift you put into words ... and memory of all these wonderful soldiers ... Thanks.”

By SGT Arthur N. “Bo” (Barney) Dolph, CCS Recon Team Ldr, on 1/31/12. “Col. Lindsey, Thank you very much for your book. I'll be forever grateful for the insights of others. A lot of questions of mine were answered because I had no idea what happened after my call for exfil. I am especially in your debt for the Ed. Notes on page 337. The first sentences below Fred Winters' excerpts makes a debt to you I can never repay. Sincerely, //Bo (Barney) Dolph”“(Ed. Note – This was reference Dolph’s RT SAW mission as 1-0 on 05/21 & 23/69, as noted on Book pages 329-338. When Dolph said he had no idea of what happened, it was because he was knocked unconscious when his chopper crashed and he was thrown out and later woke up in the hospital.)”

By Susan Roberts (wife of 20th SOS Vet, Eric) on 1/19/13: “We appreciate every little and big effort that you undertook in order to write – and complete! – your book! I have yet to find the words to fittingly, accurately, and praisingly (poet’s license) describe and thank you for undertaking this monumental Memorial. Certainly I have mailed about five of the copies so far, and soon will be forwarding the rest to those who will be honored to receive it. Your personal knowledge, expertise and comments, and your willingness to go on the line with your comments about War and the world situation today are so candid. Thank you for that!”

By Chuck Neely, 20th SOS AF Ammo Support, on 1/8/13: “Fred, Wow, I am really impressed with your book! and thank you for the personal note! I just got it yesterday and had time to scan through it for about an hour. Lots of familiar names and events stood out right away. I am amazed at the research and organizing you put into this work…Thank you for doing this for all of us that were there and all the others that wish they had been. God Bless.// Chuck”

By John Gunnison, CCS Recon Team Ldr, on 1/3/13: “Hi Fred, Just to let you know my copy arrived last week from Amazon. I can't express how impressed I am by the amount of work you put into it. Simply put, it is an amazing book. Let me offer my heart-felt thanks. //John”

By Carra Snowden Elkins, Sister of Deceased Vet, Ben Snowden, wrote on 2/15/13: “Hi Fred. I received the book and it is fascinating. The time and effort you must have spent to get that book together and published must have been staggering. It is fabulous! Thank you so much for getting the book to me so quickly. Just wanted to thank you again and wish you the best. Hope you enjoyed the articles I sent from the Georgetown Williamson County Sun regarding the honor Ben is receiving. We're very proud of him and all the men who so bravely fought and gave their lives for our country during that time.”

By JJ Jensen, 20th SOS Gunner, On Jan 2, 2013: “Col. Fred, What a terrific book, a true history of our incursions into Cambodia...Thank You, for all that you put into this…”

By CPT Bob Bost, Recon Team Leader & Launch Officer on 1/17/13: “Boss man, you did one heck of a job putting it together. From the size of it and the contents, I don't know how you managed to put it together in that short of a time frame. Amazing!!!! Especially concerning the fact that you had to drag a lot of the data from the individual troops. Thanks again.”

Order Book from LTC Lindsey with personal inscription at ; or from Amazon or Barnes and Noble."