SPECIAL OPERATIONS AUGMENTATION RING                                           

  The picture to the right shows its size compared to a nickel --> 

 We, Gavin and I, decided to design a commemorative Ring that would not be like other military/school rings, but be “unique, significant, secretive and strong”, which sums up the SOG mission pretty well.  Inspired by the RECON “Prairie Fire” icon, we designed the SOA Ring out of silver to make it affordable, with value.  There is no identification externally, but you know by looking at it that something is going on.  Inside, are the letters SOA with ample space for personalized engraving, for example, SOA CCN RT ASP, or what ever anyone wants.  You get it done yourself.  This is not a membership ring.  There is no affiliation with any group, so there are no restrictions on who can buy it.  We are publishing it to the Special Operations community.  If interested in purchasing, please follow the instructions below.  Thanks,

To contact us, send an email with any questions, click--> Garry and Gavin Robb