Membership in the NOBC is open to any member of the Armed Forces of the United States of America who, in actual combat, demonstrated exceptional qualities of leadership, and who, as a result, was appointed from enlisted or Warrant Officer status to that of a Commissioned Officer, as a Second Lieutenant by competent authority. Official documentary proof of such an appointment is the responsibility of the applicant and is required to accompany the application. Acceptable proof must consist of a copy or photostat of two or more of the following official or similar type military documents:

*Original orders of appointment as a Second Lieutenant.

*Appropriate, honorable discharge or DD 214 as an enlisted man.

*Other evidence, such as a copy of a newspaper clipping, et., may also be furnished for consideration.

Membership in the NOBC is approved by the National Commander.

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Robert: We had a SPEC 5 recon type, named Rousch or Roush, who received a direct commission in late 1968 or very early January 1969 to 2LT. Not same man as Heinz K.
Rousch had received several valor awards for recon, seemed like  a most capable SF trooper, and; the ARCOM V he had just received for heroic actions, which I believe were from an OP in Bu Gia Map during which he was wounded was upgraded to a BSMV by our CO. The Omega awards section may show the date of the BSMV. We starting launching out of Nhon Co around mid Sep 68 to about late Oct. 68 into Bu Gia Map under CG IFFV. That AO was solid enemy controlled. We were told the last US troops in there were the 101sr some two years earlier.
LTC Trabue should be the authority on the award and the direct commission and would know the details. Rousch had a discussion with me before he left CCS. I believe it was decided to send him to A-502 or he asked for that assignment as I think Shriver and some of the other old timers at Omega came from A-502.
I believe that the other C&C Detachments CO's also could select deserving NCO's for direct commissions and did so.
Jon Potter


That would be James E Roush commissioned in 1970. Other include Hermann Adler (CCS), Billy J "Tony" Anthony, James C Baldwin, Donald Briere and many others. Some received a Battlefield commission and others were sent to OCS.  (NOTE ADDED: SFC Robert L. Noe, CCN was commissioned as a 2LT by Col Mike Healy on 31 Aug 70--RLN)


You'd have to add SSG Richard Chamberlain to any list of RVN battlefield commissions. Dick served with the Cham Company in the A-503 MIKE Force as a medic up until June or July 1968, when he was commissioned and sent up to us in the B-20 MIKE Force. Dick had been in several actions with Bucky Burress, but I don't know if Bucky was the proponent of his commission or not (obviously the A-503 commander chopped off on it.). MAJ Charlie Judge gave Dick command of 233rd MF Company, as a second lieutenant, an action which pissed off 1LT Jim Blankenship, then our S-4. Jim came down to see Charlie Judge, and I got to hear the conversation. Understand that Jim and Dick were good friends. Anyway, Jim told Judge that he didn't understand how a brand new 2LT could be given command of a MF company when he, much older, more senior, and Ranger and Pathfinder qualified in addition to SF, was sitting in the S-4. Judge good-naturedly told Jim that "Dick was over here getting his ass shot at while you were collecting all those tabs and badges back in the States. Now get your ass back to the S-4 shop. I'll give you a company when I think you're ready for it." Jim got his ass back to the S-4, and a month later Judge have him command of a company (232?). Both were great field commanders, and as you know, Jim Blankenship got killed in an ambush in AO Orange on 23 Oct 68. When Dick Chamberlain finished up his tour commanding 233rd Company, he was reassigned to the Infantry School to take IOBC! So, bottom line is that Dick Chamberlain was also a "Mustang".   Regards, Shaun