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Part of RECON Company, CCN, Da Nang, 1971

LongThanhJan1970.jpg (1490057 bytes)
One-Zero class at Long Thanh 1970. Unfortunately I did not write down the names of the class members on the back. Someone else in the group may know who everyone is. SGT Chuck Hein is standing third from the right. He was killed by a WP grenade in the Spring of 1970. The details are on the online Vietnam Wall. We were in the same training team - RT Ram. CPT Fred Krupa is kneeling in the middle of the front row wearing glasses. He was killed in the Spring 1970. I believe that is Mike Duffy standing at the far left. He died a year or two ago. I believe the men kneeling at either end of the photo were instructors. Standing sixth from the right may be Bob Masterjoseph. I was at the hospital on the other side of the airfield at the time the photo was made getting my infected leg taken care of so was not in the photo. Wish I had written down the names. Students were from CCN, CCC and CCS in about equal numbers. I don't remember seeing this photo on any website before. Some in the group may be interested and know who everyone is. Submitted by Larry Green, Col, USA Retired,  CCN 1959-70.




Col Robert (Bob) Howard, Congressional Medal of Honor with  Sgt Daniel L. Lindblom, Team New Hampshire 11, with the CAR-15 on his right. Photo taken by John St. Martin, and yes we are both very much alive. 7/20/2009

ESTEVAN TORRES, KILLED IN ACTION MARCH 22, 1968, B-50 FOB-2 BINH DINH submitted by R. Clarke

 Aside from a few firebases, most places we went over the fence were holes in the tree's. I had no foresight and did not keep a journal during my tour, just a few notes on the back of a some photo's. Being a gunner we got very little briefing and a lot of extractions were totally unplanned anyway. Maybe some of the team members might notice the landmarks. Places like LZ Duc Co or Plei Nong, where we staged a lot, should be well known to the FOB-II guys. We turned in tags and wallets, but often brought our camera's by mistake. -By Ray Hoagland, 189th Assault Helo Co "Ghost Riders"

Left is Fred Zabitosky who needs no further introduction (See Fred's CMH's Citation), Middle is Captain Warren "Bud" Williams), and Right is Bob Boyles who was killed less than a week after this picture was taken at Dak To just after our team was extracted from Target Area INDIA-9, via McGuire Rig, following a typical Op-35 drama over in Laos. Photo furnished by Bud Williams (Dr. Warren W. Williams). Note: Bud continued to  keep in contact with Fred until Fred passed away

A group photo of the special operation OPERATION THUNDERCLOUD team - one of the few photos available of these very brave young men. This was a highly classified special op and I was the first CO-Photo furnished by Bud William. TO VIEW MORE PICTURES OF THUNDERCLOUD AND STORY CLICK-->THUNDERCLOUD

This photo was taken at FOB 2 and the SOG soldiers are Ed Wolcoff and Doug "Frank" Miller. Frank Miller is a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor, see FRANK MILLER {Please note the dedicated webpage to Frank Miller was done by KIET VAN NGUYEN, the only Vietnamese Navy Cross recipient, who was on the BAT 21 Rescue mission with Thomas R. Norris and awarded the CMOH)}
MOST OF CCN'S RECON COMPANY PHOTOGRAPH, 1971-72 TIMEFRAME-Submitted by Leroy Sena (He is the one looking at the dog on the right side of the picture look like he has his eyes closed

  Leroy Sena (2nd from left, top row, Lt David Rapp & Lawson (Manes) of RT Rhode Island (Note: Sena also served on RT Cobra).

CCN BaseCCN base, 1971-72 time frame Photo: Bob Brugh (click to enlarge)Photo montage courtesy Bob Brugh.

DaNang area including the area where CCN use to be, photo by Larry Green May 2010 (To read his report, click-->report)

CCN's Hickory Radio Relay Site (Larry Greene)

See more, click--> Hickory

Photo off Marble Mountain by Larry Green, 2010 showing the CCN Compound
Khe Sahn with Hill 950 & 1015 (source unknown)



A view of the Combat Base taken from the top of Hill 950. The river valley and parts of the river can be seen in the middle of the photo. Credit Khe Sanh Veterans Website taken in 1968 by Bob Donoghue and featured in John Plaster's book SOG A Photo of the Secret Wars, P 410

Marble Mountain-CCN by Larry Greene

HML 367th Marine AH-1G gunships returning from a mission, flying over Marble Mountain with SOG's Command and Control North's (CCN) and the North Vietnamese Prisoner of War Camp in view. Copyright by Mark Austin Byrd.





CCN COMPOUND #1-Larry Greene


              A Vietnamese function 1970 at CCN-Property of Robert Noe

          $1.00 MPC     $.50 MPC    $.05 MPC Series 681

         $.05 MPC Series 692
A two Slick Laos pig hunting trip that probably required a fictionalized After Action report. Being assigned to SOG meant doing whatever they wanted without having to take any of the heat. 1969 is all that I know about this one. You probably can't see the beer cans, but this was a moral booster. Aside from having one of those rare good times, I think they also knew the Indig's could use the food. The idea of using two Army Slick's to hunt pigs still cracks me up. By Ray Hoagland, 189th Assault Helo Co "Ghost Riders"

The photo is of the "Merricans, by God" of 1st Exploitation Company, CCS, circa fall '69 or early '70 when our CCS Exploitation team returned from a mission to Co Roc in support of a CCN operation. It has been so long I don’t remember all the names. This was the mission Lt. McMurray was killed by the KingBee chopper that crashed.  I was the Sgt in the chopper when it crashed. By: Mike Moore

Photo Apr 69, CCN,  from left: Ron Podlaski, myself, Mark Gentry and Lynne M. Black
 By:  John “Tilt” Meyers

Photo from CCN, April 1969. From left: me standing, Rick Estes, squatting, and Lynne M. Black Jr. The photo was taken in Recon area of CCN, the camera is facing north. By John "Tilt" Meyers
FOB 3 team. SSG Crone was killed at Khe Sahn in Jan 68. During the firefight with a superior enemy force, he was captured and executed. He was subsequently intentionally decapitated by the enemy and abandoned for discovery-(SSG Crone death was a calculated execution). Crone is on the left with the cigarette hanging in his mouth, Billy W. Wood is on the right with the Khe Sahn TOC antenna appearing to come out of his left shoulder. furnished by Dave Sebright  Minuteman

CCN, Apr 69-Myself & Mark, standing next to US Mess Hall, camera is facing east toward Recon Com. Area. By John S. “Tilt” Meyer

CCN recon area, April 1969, from left: Rick Estes, Me, Mark Gentry & Lynne M. Black Jr.
CSM Billy Waugh & Billy Alexander
I have some photo's, but as a door gunner I didn't get much more briefing than " we're hopping the fence. "  I have no notes on these photo's. Due to the amount of Slick's involved, I would assume this was a Hatchet Force out of CCC in 1968-69.
 By Ray Hoagland, 189th Assault Helo Co "Ghost Riders"

 "Dairy Queen hits the beaches of Nha Trang at the Special Forces HQ Compound.  Ice cream, you scream ice cream before it melts.  Only open during Monsoons, 0 dark thirty till the rain stops". Ed Yaroborugh

I  believe it had soft-serve ice cream cones and various related concoctions (sundaes, etc.). -Earl McMillan,

The SFOB Dairy Queen was going strong in the summer of 1969, out front of the enlisted club. The so called ice cream was sour, or made from sour milk or something. - John   Photo by Tom Leonard Photos. See Cartoon for comments  and the Dairy Queen Sign.

When I first went to the 5th SF Group Compound in Nha Trang (1965), we had NO enlisted men’s club, top three club, an Officers Club - or anything else to differentiate between ranks.  All personnel admitted, drank, ate and partied together at a hooch turned into a club.  The structure backed up to the fence line was called the “Playboy Club.”  I was there when Barry Sadler was playing his “Ballad of the Green Beret” about a hundred times per day.  Its personnel fed me while I was recovering from my wound in a hooch near the club.  Once I got on crutches, I went there by myself and ate. The club had every kind of beer sold in Asia – usually a special on White Swan (?) from Australia. We could get it from Australia on most Air Force flights rotating out of the country for 1,000 hour maintenance.  So, it was cheap. It had about 20 slot machines around the walls and that turned a Hell of a profit for the club. Once the Group Commander decided to allow a few auxiliary personnel into the club, they added a screened area on one side of the club and had live entertainment.  This is on the Internet: Julio Rodriguez of Warner Robins, Georgia attended a show in the Fifth Special Forces Camp Play Boy Club at Nha Trang Air Base in 1965. The show featured “The Old Lady of the Boondocks,” another nickname given to Maggie, and her performance brought hysterical laughter to the audience." Her antics on stage were in the true sense of “above and beyond.” Few people would have had the courage to put themselves in the position of self-humiliation, but she did it just to make us laugh!" After the show Ms. Raye was signing autographs. I only had a Military Pay Certificate for paper, but she signed her name on a five-cent note, which years later I would lose. I no longer have her signature, but she and her show are locked away in my memories. "For a short time, she allowed me to escape the lousiness of war and drowned me in laughter. I had a newborn son whom I had never seen and thought that I possibly might never see. Colonel Maggie was the only ‘sane’ person over there, and she brought us all the sanity of laughter in an otherwise insane situation. "A few days later, the club was the target of rockets and mortars and, though it was destroyed, Colonel Maggie and her memories live on. "She touched many lives, and I am thankful that she touched mine. I have only one regret...losing my Military Pay Certificate with her signature. She was every serviceman’s link to the joy of life and laughter." I’m sure there is much more but that is the gist.  I don’t remember the club ever being blown up.  When I separated for OCONUS in January, 1967 the rules had been changed.  There was an Officers Club, and an NCO Club both down the street near the Mess Hall.  You had to be operational in Special Forces to go to the Playboy Club..Check with some other old timers who might remember.  Send along this draft. 


Photo of a 20th SOS Crew, that flew me into Duc Co, 7 Dec 68: Rone Guvy(Gery?) Pilot; Dave Miller, Co Pilot; Robert Becka, gunner; Patrick J Dolan, gunner; and yours truly, SFC Bob Willman, CCS, 2d Company Hatchet Force.       


20th SOS, Green Hornets

Photo take lying on my back on the latrine roof at B-50 East (BMT) of aircrew returning at dusk. By:
Chuck Neely Ammo Support
SP/5 Frank J. Maiorano, CCN & TF1AE

Frank Maioranio and Mike Stalnaker- -photo by George G. Boyd of RT Oklahoma

Long ago, far away. SFC Hall, SGT Stamps, SFC Hawkins, CPT Miller and Others. I think,  memory are unique. OPERATION DEWEY CANYON.  For the story on Operation Dewy Canyon, click-->Operation


:One Zero Training:   Top Row:  L to R:  Lawrence W "Larry" Predmore; Bruce D. Adams; Patrick D "Pat" Lucas; Donald M. "Bucky" Ramsey; Larry Cano.  Bottom Row: Samuel Helland; Robert Noe.  Noe was from CCN, everyone else was from CCC in the picture.

Posted Sep 22, 07 from Marine Corps Times: Maj. Gen. Samuel Helland, has been nominated to take command of I MEF and MarCent and to receive a third star. Helland, 59, is a helicopter pilot by training and is no stranger to ground combat and unconventional warfare: A former Army Special Forces operator, he saw combat in Vietnam with 5th Special Forces Group’s Military Advisory Command (Special Operations Group. For more on Sam, click Samuel Helland's Bio

Aerial of B-50 either departing or arriving. by
Chuck Neely Ammo Support
Photo #1: Blackbird: MC-130 nose view.
Spring of 1967, and I think it is at either Kontum, or Hue Phu Bai. I am hoping one of you can identify the location from the little shed with the name on it in the background.  Too bad I didn't get any close ups, but most of the guys were camera shy. Submitted by: Richard (Dick) Sell

Photo #2: Blackbird: MC-130 lft fnt qtr, aircraft 640-561. We are off-loading a full cargo load of ammunition (probably about 20,000 pounds) for SOG. Submitted by: Richard (Dick) Sell

Burning SOG Gunship Copyright & submitted by Mark Austin Byrd, HML 367th Marine

Frank Cuddy, USMC SOG Pilot Copyright & submitted by Mark Austin Byrd, HML 367th Marine

Ko (Co) Roc Mountaintop Copyright  and submitted by Mark Austin Byrd, HML 367th Marine

Boy, does this ever look familiar!-RLNoe (See Co Roc Mt Story)

Downtown Bam Me Thout -
Chuck Neely Ammo Support
Remember the kids always ran to the roadside to watch us ride by. I took this one while riding shotgun on an ammo hauler running some ordnance down to Phan Rang We were working to provide these kids a free world. The selfish and politicians stole it from them. They'll do the same to Iraq if we let them. -
Chuck Neely Ammo Support
SGT Warner Farr, a 91Bravo who joined the CCS operation at Ba Kev Cambodia in April 1970, and continued with RT Measure on the long-term operation 32KM West of the SVN border. The Photo -  I am giving Rocky Farr (Doc) a short class on the operation of an RPG-7, or RPG-2.  Doc Farr, by the way, is now an O-6, is the SOCOM Surgeon stationed at MacDill AFB in SOCOM, and has been on active duty for 39 1/2 years.  Will celerate his 40th year on Active Duty in the US Army, and Special Forces in April 2007.  A fine man, is Rocky Farr. By SGM Billy Waugh


Cambodia 1970, SGM Billy Waugh

SFC Melvin "Sleepy:" Hill & SGM Billy Wuagh, 1st Rahde Halo Team

Jun 71-Pre Combat HALO Insert-SGM Billy Waugh with Pilot

RT Measure, Cambodia 1970. 65 day operation in the Ba Kev Cambodia AO. 32 Miles West of Duc Co, SVN SF Camp.

Cambodia, 1970, 62 Day Opn, BA KEY, SGM Waugh & his Counterpart

SGM Billy Waugh, Walter Reed Gen Hosp, Sep 1965 recovering from wounds and receiving awards.

The Pure Jungle, RVN 1963. SGM Bill Waugh

SGM Billy Waugh's Jun 1971 - Combat Halo Prep

SOG Rescue Downed Pilot in North Vietnam, Jun 1967

Billy Waugh visiting the Grave of SFC Frank R. Noe. Billy would run through Arlington National Cemetery  and by the grave on his daily run. He asked me one day if I was kin to Frank, I told him Frank was my brother.
    Photo below depicts a young SSG, Warner (Rocky) Farr, a 91Bravo medic, in the Ba Kev, Cambodia area, as I give him a couple of pointers with the RPG-2 (the grandfather of the RPG-7)  Rocky is still on active duty, all 42 years of it, and is a COL, Dr., Pilot, and the SOCOM Surgeon.      


Hatchet Force at Phu Bie (Jun/Jul 68). Photo of SFC John McGovern, SSG Emmett W. "Boots" Porter, SGT Darrell E. Newburg, 1LT William R. Mansfield, and SSG Richard L. Wilson.  MSG Francis Manuel was with Cpt. Gebby's TDY team from the 1st SFG. Boots Porter and I were in charge of another plt. We were all out in A Shau Valley on top of a mountain. We had been in the area a couple of weeks. I was told to go down a trail and link up with a company from the 101st Abn. So Boots and I left to make the link up and MSG Manuel took a patrol down the trail on the other side of the mountain. When I got back, Cpt Gebby told me that MSG Manuel's point man had tripped a mine and had blown his legs out from under him and MSG Manuel was trying to get to him under fire. MSG Manuel raised up from behind a log and a NVA  shot him in the top of the head.  We could not land the Medavac chopper as there was not enough room so we had to lift the dead and wounded up to the chopper to get them out. MSG Manuel was due to go back to Okey (1st SFG) when we returned from the operation.  photo taken as soon as we got back in from that operation.  MSG (Ret) John C.McGovern    

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